Explore Haywood

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Planning to get away for a weekend? Looking for a place with peace and quiet to relax in? Look no further than Haywood County, NC. Formed in 1808, it lies in the middle of the Smokies and a tribal reservation for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It is deeply seated in the history of the US and is rapidly becoming the tourist spot for people all around the country.

Haywood County is host to a number of protected sites such as the Pisgah National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and because of that has attracted a number of visitors looking to spend a serene time in a small mountain town. The county not only features beautiful scenery, but it also provides a number of interesting activities which are sure to keep you busy throughout your stay here.

Enjoy fine dining, locally brewed drinks, and even self-foraged meals as you visit the “Land of the Sky.” Activities are not only limited to food and drink as you’ll find a range of indoor and outdoor activities to do here. Visit the national parks, go hiking, spend a day at the spa, go horseback riding or spend time at the Biltmore estate. In Haywood, there’s always something to do.